Social Media for travel tips explained.

Travelling around the world is a desire for many. Did you know that you can also use social media for travel tips?

There is always an anxiety that builds up when you imagine travelling to a place you have never been to before or you have no experience in. Most people resolve to do research and check out reviews of various destinations on the internet.

However, some places are known to solicit good reviews online while deleting or not approving bad reviews from previous travellers on their platforms. This makes it hard for new travellers to get the right information in regard to travelling to a particular destination.

Using social media platforms for travel tips

I am a traveller and before I decide to plan to travel to a certain destination. I always do research on the area and try to get as much information as I can about the place. This includes what I need to carry and even how much it would cost. There are some destinations that have very little or no information online and it becomes tricky to make a decision on what to expect.

One of the best ways to get accurate and real reviews in regard to a particular destination is through Social Media. Social Media platforms help you connect with other people worldwide. These people have had the opportunity to travel to different destinations and can offer one guidance. Especially as a first-time traveller or when stuck in making some important decision in regard to travel.

Different Social Media Platforms offer different travel tips. When combined, they can help one make an accurate decision in regard to travel arrangements.

Travel tips from social media


As a Facebook user, you get the opportunity to interact with friends on your timeline, create your own group or page of interest. There is also the option of joining different groups of interest so long as you meet the required guidelines for each group.

You may not physically know the people you are connecting within the group but you share a common interest e, g Travel.

There are many travel-related groups on Facebook with people sharing their experiences to different destinations. They also share tips and asking questions in regard to travel and getting helpful responses.

In addition, there are groups like the solo traveller’s groups that encourage those who prefer to travel alone. Budget travellers group for those who are conscious about how much they want to spend. Family travel groups for those who travel with families, groups covering different continents etc.

There are even groups that offer hosting companions or for those who would like to join a group when travelling. These platforms help you make solid decisions in regard to your travel plans. All you need is a Facebook profile then search for groups that suit you. Join and make good use of them in regard to your next travel.

Travel tips


Instagram platforms are more of a pictorial platform. Most people share beautiful pictures of themselves and their travel experiences. This platform is good for getting an actual picture of the place you would like to visit. It also helps identify some beautiful places and sites that you would not want to miss out when visiting a particular destination.

From other people’s beautiful photos, you can be able to work out your own wardrobe. Identify how the weather looks like at particular times of the year making your luggage packing easier.

All is needed is to create an Instagram account and follow some fellow travellers or even some destinations, hotels, travel agents or tour companies. You can learn a lot from this platform and even discover new places worth adding to your bucket list.

It also allows you the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the individual who posted the pictures. Either in the comment section or through direct messaging.

Using social media platforms to get travel tips


Pinterest is mostly used by bloggers to share their ideas in pictures. Here you will find various beautiful images showing various destinations. In addition, attached to the images are great URL links to articles from blogs giving great tips, advice and even reviews of various destinations.

Pinterest comes in handy when choosing places to stay when travelling. Things to pack for your trip as well as how to navigate in a foreign place. I have used Pinterest to get great information that has influenced my travel decisions.


Youtube is a channel where people share great videos. We have travel vloggers who share great experiences about their travels to different destinations all over the world.

This gives a great chance for one to get firsthand experience about how it feels to take a trip to a certain destination. It helps one come up with ideas on places to visit, activities to try. It also helps one make decisions in regard to the weather and the best time of the year to travel.


Though twitter mainly operates well with hashtags and limits the number of characters used per post. If you are very conversant with it, there is a good chance of getting good information in regard to travel. Most government bodies, embassies, hotels use twitter to send out variable information or any alerts and precautions.

Twitter is also a good channel to ask a relevant authority about information related to travelling to a specific place. What to look out for or if there are any documentations, vaccines, visas or security alerts to consider before travel.

This is also a good platform to communicate with airlines and hotels you intend to use. You can confirm your bookings or cancellation if you want to change your dates.

Twitter Travel Tips


Linkedin is considered a more professional platform rather than social. However, it still allows people to share vital information in regard to any topic including travel. People do share very informative articles related to travel destinations. Just like any other search engine, it is possible to search through Linkedin and find great information that can influence your travel decisions.


Quora is a platform where people ask questions on any topic that they would like input on. Though it might not be easy to get real-time responses to your questions or the answers provided may not be relevant to your need. It is still possible to get vital information about one or two questions you make ask. Especially if you have not gotten any satisfactory answer from the rest of the platforms listed above. This is still a way of interacting and getting information that can influence your travel decision.

Travel Tips

Have you used any of the above social media platforms to get travel tips that influenced your travel decisions? Share your experiences in the comment section provided below.

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2 Responses

  1. Michel says:

    Thanks for the great travelling tips. I would have never thought to look on Instagram or Pinterest for photos and information, but that is actually an excellent idea. Following travel vloggers on Utube is also a great way of seeing places without having to visit them first.

    I am planning a trip to Disney World and I think I am going to take your advice and ask on Quora what the best sites to see there are, so I can make sure that I don’t miss any of the highlights.

    • Anita says:

      Yeah, you get so much information this way, social media is more than entertainment. Yes, ask on quora but be ready for all sorts of answers some people are never taken so seriously.

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