Bucket List Travel Ideas – How to Hack it!

Being a travel enthusiast, one of the most exciting things for me is exploring the internet and discovering new places to add to my bucket list. Though most of the time am not sure how I will travel to some places, it gives me so much joy to see my list growing as this builds up my spirit of adventure.

Sometimes when the list gets so long yet no opportunity has opened up for me to travel, it does get overwhelming to the point I see myself being over-ambitious. It is at this point that I had to improvise a plan to hack my bucket list ideas in good time. I will share some points that have helped me accomplish my travel ideas or gotten me close to fulfilling my travel goals below.

Bucket list travel Ideas

List Down Your Travel Ideas

It does not hurt to list down all the places that attract you and would like to visit one day. No matter how impossible it might look at the time, writing down builds up your desire to visit these places. The more you keep seeing your lists, the more the bigger picture of you being in that location grows and eventually you find yourself planning for that trip.

It becomes more realistic when you write down like a journal of where you want to go and even include activities you would participate in if the opportunity to travel presents itself. I believe that writing down your bucket list ideas makes it more of a commitment on your end hence increasing the urge to fulfill your travel desire.

Start with the Easiest ones

Bucket list travel can include going to locations near you that you have never visited before, like the bordering country or can be far places like other continents. There are various factors that come into play when planning to travel e.g. budget, travel visas, travel insurance, the jurisdiction of the place of travel, means of transport among others.

Well, when you put all these into consideration, your travel ideas may end up looking like a far-fetched dream. The best way to keep your travel goals alive is to start with the easy places first. You can consider places that are near and don’t need a lot of planning or documentation to access. If it is in different countries, consider the ones that don’t require travel visas from your country of origin.

Another way I have tried and worked well for me is to find family and friends who can accommodate or offer accommodation at a reasonable price hence saving on high hotel bills. You can also consider day trips where you travel to your destination, schedule all your activities then travel back the same day and consider resting after the long trip.

Bucket list travel ideas

Research on the cost of travel to the different destinations

‘How safe is this place?’ this is the main question that most people ask when making a decision about visiting a certain place. Safety is a very crucial concern for all. As much as there are no 100% safe places in the world, no one wants to go on a trip and end up losing their variables.

The best way to find out about a specific place before visiting is to get reviews from other people who are familiar with the place. Research especially through the internet, word of mouth or through different travel platforms come to play here. Before I consider a certain travel destination, I always search the internet for reviews from people who have visited the place in the recent past. The best place to get real-time reviews or even ask a question in regard to a certain destination, in my opinion, is Trip Advisor.

In case, you intend to stay in a certain facility or hotel, there are various online platforms like booking.com with lots of reviews to check out and also various service delivery ratings to help you make that crucial decision.

Devise a way to save up cash for the expensive bucket list destinations

There are some destinations that keep ringing on your mind no matter how you try to evade them. I am forced to save up money and take the trip. Depending on your income, you can decide to save up for at least one bucket list destination per year or one per two years.

Another way to get cash for travels is coming up with ways of making extra income and then dedicating this extra income to traveling to your desired destinations.

Bucket list travel ideas

Never say never no matter how impossible it may appear.

Sometimes all it takes is a dream, no destination is impossible to achieve if you put your mind into it. It may take a lifetime or less than a year to achieve but if you are determined, you can achieve it. Traveling is one activity that can be achieved with different budgets whether through a luxury trip or as a backpacker, it all depends on your attitude and determination.

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