5 Most Instagrammed places in Kenya

There are places in this world that form good backgrounds for taking wonderful pictures. Other places provide stunning memories that one wants to keep for ages or share with friends and loved ones. A dull place can be turned exciting by taking great photos. There are places that no matter how to plain the picture may be, the place just stands out. Here, we will look at 5 most Instagrammed places in Kenya and why they stand out.

When going through a social media timeline-like Instagram, there are those photos that are easy to point out where they were taken, even when taken at different angles or as a selfie, the background speaks for itself. In Kenya, there are beautiful places that attract visitors all year round and are expressed by the beautiful photos posted on social media. Some of these places take centre stage in social media platforms such as Instagram which main story features are expressed by beautiful photographs.

A search through Instagram for beautiful places in the country of Kenya will show 5 main places that are quite popular with most Instagrammers worldwide. These places are known to produce viral photos that everyone likes and want to be associated with. We will look at the 5 most Instagrammed places in Kenya more in detail to try to find out why they stand out.

Maasai Mara Game Reserve

Maasai Mara Game Reserve is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kenya with great wildlife viewing. It is characterized by grassy plains with scattered trees, rolling hills and two rivers with a small forest around the river banks. It has over 95 species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians and over 400 birds species.

For anyone who loves wildlife photography, this is the best place to practice. The animals are very comfortable with tourist vehicles and are not afraid of the flushing tourist cameras. The greatest attraction to this place is the annual wildebeest migration that takes place between July and November. It is also very easy to spot the Big 5 during a day’s game drive with the option have a picnic in the great savannah plains.

Apart from the game drives, there is the option of taking a luxurious balloon safari, having an Ariel view of the magnificent reserve. Not only does the reserve provide great views, but the hotels and lodges in the area are also known to offer great luxury. They have greatly invested in good architecture that is eco-friendly and even taking photos in these lodges is outstanding.

The lodges are also known to offer destination wedding venues as well as beautiful places for wedding photography and a great honeymoon package for the newly-weds and those celebrating their anniversaries. This is a beautiful place to make memories that you can share with generations to come.

Book a safari to the Mara here: Masai Mara Tours

The Giraffe Manor

The Giraffe Manor is located in Karen, Nairobi in a 12 acre land with a 1930s manor house. This beautiful restaurant is set in a beautiful lawn surrounded by long trees and gives the essence of living in the Out of Africa film setup. It is characterized by elegant interiors with a historic English feel and beautiful lush green gardens.

The Manor is located within reach of the Giraffe Centre, which is home to the endangered Rothschild giraffe and environmental conservation. The giraffes are known to visit The Manor mostly early in the morning and late evening. They pop their head in the restaurant window for treats or walk to the guest sitting by the terrace or the garden for a treat. This offers very good photo moment as the giraffes are known to be gentle tall giants.

The Giraffe Manor is open for booking for a whole day and night stay with all meals covered, other safari arrangements can be made. Booking should be done in advance to avoid last-minute disappointment.

Book to stay at The Giraffe Manor Here: The Giraffe Manor Bookings

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The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a non-profit organization that focuses on wildlife conservation. It has over 40 years of experience in the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned elephants and rhinos in Kenya, reintegrating them back to the wild. Their headquarter office is located in Nairobi, at the outcast of the Nairobi National Park.

The Nairobi office is home to many young orphaned elephants below the age of two years. This is where the young elephants rescued from the wild are first rehabilitated with very intensive care from the wonderful keepers assign to them. The trust is open to the public every day for one hour with an extra hour given to the foster parents who are allowed to spend some extra time with their adopted elephants in the evening.

Become a foster parent: DSWT

Anyone who wants to visit the trust is welcome every day from 11 am to 12 pm and is allowed to foster any baby elephant at an annual fee. A foster parent is allowed an extra hour in the evening from 5 pm to spend some more time with their adopted elephant. These give one enough time to take wonderful pictures while interacting with the baby elephants or even watching them as they play in the mud or dust.

Book a trip to The Sheldrick Trust and other places in Nairobi here: Nairobi Day Trip.

Diani Beach Kenya

The Coastal strip of Kenya is a popular destination for many travellers with Diani Beach being the favourite of many. It is characterized by 17 kilometres of flawless soft white sand, lush green bushes and a striking emerald blue water from the clear Indian Ocean.

Diani Beach has been awarded the best beach destination in Africa for 5 years in a row. It is popular with all set of people, from honeymooners, families, solo travellers, backpackers, water sport enthusiasts etc. Some of the activities around the beach and sea include a visit to the marine park to see dolphins and sea turtles, skydiving, kite surfing.

The area is also known to have a very enjoyable nightlife and beautiful restaurants and cafes to enjoy some Swahili dishes. Accommodation can range from luxurious hotel, rental villas, budget hotels, B&B for backpackers.

This is a good place to unwind after a vibrant safari or when you want to relax from your busy life. It is also a favourite for honeymooners and those celebrating milestones.

Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park is one of the oldest and largest national parks in Kenya, located in a semi-arid area. It is characterized by flat, dry plains with River Galana serving as the main source of water for the
wildlife. This is the place you get to view large herds of red-dusted elephants grazing in the plains.

Most of the hotels and lodges in Tsavo East are strategically located near watering holes making it easy for the tourists to watch as different animals walkthrough to the watering hole throughout the day.
This is also home to the most photographed wildlife lodge in Africa, The Sarova Salt Lick Lodge due to its unique architecture.

Amboseli National Park

This would not be complete without adding Amboseli National Park as a bonus. Amboseli is located near the Kenyan/Tanzania border facing Mount Kilimanjaro, African’s highest mountain. This is the best place to get good photos of wildlife with a background of the great mountain.

Great shots of the snow-capped mountain are witnessed in the morning at sunrise with many hotels and lodges strategically located ensuring their visitors get the best views. For any nature lover, a mountain background with herds of elephants grazing in the open savannah plains is a masterpiece.

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Do you know any another location that can be classified as the most Instagrammed place in Kenya?  Share the beautiful spots in the comment section provided below.


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4 Responses

  1. Henderson says:

    Oh, very nice this one you have here. I didn’t know that there are some places in the great Kenya that have been mostly instaframmed. I have to say that it is very impressive to see the beautiful places that the country beholds. It would be a good thing to visit someday. For now, it is a friend that wants to visit Kenya and is looking for great places to visit. Your post will be a good recommendation.

    • Anita says:

      Yes, Kenya has beautiful places worth taking pictures over and over. I hope you one-day get to visit, you can advise your friend to go through my posts to learn more about Kenya even as she plans to visit.

  2. PeterMinea says:

    Hello Anita!

    Kenya has exciting places to visit (including big Kilimanjaro) and people can enjoy the African air by going on a Safari trip! And we know from the world chart or from Geography that this country is an Equatorial one, so its beauties are related to “the belly of the Earth”, or let’s just call it “the middle” of the Earth :).

    African animals must be fascinating when seeing them that close (like the giraffes at the Manor). Also the Sheldrick elephants are nice, they are brothers!

    Overall, there are amazing sights in Kenya. If you have been there, you should always remember with pleasure :).

    Kind regards, Peter

    • Anita says:

      Hello Peter, yes Kenya has exciting sites and wildlife to watch. Though Mt Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania, you get great views of it while in Kenya, especially at Amboseli National Park. The Manor and the elephant orphanage are not related though they are located near each other and share the adverse borderline of the Nairobi National Park.

      Yes, the equator cuts across Kenya hence the weather is always good all year round, we have no season unlike the rest of the world. I guess the wildlife loves this climate since there is plenty to see here.

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