Kenya Airways Flight Schedule – flight from New york

It all started as a rumour that Kenya Airways are planning to have flights to the US last year. Well, it can now be confirmed as true after the US security and transport authorities gave approval for the same.

This was after Kenya’s major airport JKIA received a category one status by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) after the airport upgraded its security features.

Kenya Airways direct flight is expected to happen between JKIA in Nairobi, Kenya and JFK airport in New York. A press statement released by the national carrier states that the flight will last 15 hours one way.

Tickets have already started selling for the maiden flight which will happen on 28th October 2018.

Advantage of the Direct Flight

Well, visits to East Africa have been quite a stretched journey with one having to connect a flight from the US with a layover in Europe or a Gulf hub. This is a journey that would last over 19 hours hence would create major jet lag due to the time difference in the different continents.


This is expected to be the fastest connection between East Africa and New York with a 15 hours duration eastbound and 14 hours westbound.

Flight schedule

The airline will operate a Boeing 787 Dreamliner with a capacity of 234 passengers. The flight will depart every day from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport hub in Nairobi to JKF airport hub in New York(+1day) and vice versa.

The flight will require 4 pilots and 12 flights attendants as well as 85 tonnes in fuel each way.

Target Group

This being the first East African airline to have a direct flight to the United States, its major targets are the tourists coming to East African countries for a safari.

There are also many international offices here in Nairobi from the US who will benefit from the easy connection. This is also bound to further improve trade between the US and African countries.

The convenient schedule will allow connections to and from over 40 African destinations through the Kenya Airways hub.

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8 Responses

  1. mercy says:

    Hi Anita
    This is the greatest news ever, Personally, i have experienced the layovers not once but twice and I have to admit it is not the best experience when traveling, When heard this I was excited that we finally have the fastest connection between East Africa (Kenya) and the US.Thank you for the great article

  2. Sunny says:

    I am so excited by this. My brother has been doing some tours with a non-profit group helping elephant reserves in Africa. I have been wanting to visit and tour, but it’s a hard journey to make. It will be great to have a direct way to fly in. Thanks for the good news!

    • Anita says:

      Yes, it has been always a very hectic journey to access East Africa from the US. We are really looking forward to the daily direct flight it will save many a lot of wasted hours.

      Most people can’t wait for October for the maiden flight.

  3. Sujandar Mahesan says:

    Even thought traveling can be fun, booking the ticket for travelling can get really tensed process. This article helps the reader to find the best booking underway ticket for the flight from New York. This saves a lot of time and money for so many people. They can read this article and benefit from the information given 

    • Anita says:

      Yes, this flight will save a lot of people time spent on layovers and connecting flights while traveling to and from the USA to Africa. It has not been an easy process but now one flight per day will hopefully solve this.

  4. Babsie Wagner says:

    Are you kidding me, there’s a direct flight?  My husband has been wanting to go to Kenya forever, but I just hate flying and connecting and all the stress that goes along with those far off journeys, so to see your article talking about a non-stop flight, say what?  I can’t tell you what a game-changer that would be for us.  Well, for me, because he doesn’t care lol.  I do.

    We will in upstate New York, so it’s a quick trip down to the city to go to the JFK Airport.  That is also exciting.  My husband will be so thrilled when I show him your site.  Thanks for the great info!  Yay!


    • Anita says:

      Yes, Babs. The maiden flight is scheduled for 28th October and there would be daily flights to and from. This is a true game changer, no more 19 hours layovers with unforeseen flights delays making one take two days to reach their destination. 

      Now you need to start planning to come to Kenya, no more excuses. You and your husband will have a good time with a 15 hours direct flight. Looking forward to hear you actually visited Kenya.

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