Best Paying Travel Affiliate Programs.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money through a travel blog. However, it is crucial to know the right affiliate programs that rhyme with your niche. Getting hold of the best paying travel affiliate programs takes research and experiment. To get the best outcome, you need to connect your blog with affiliate programs that relate to your article and niche.

When you are a travel enthusiast and decide to share your travel journey through a blog or website.  You would definitely want to make money out of your site. The next question you ask yourself is how can I make money while still sharing what I love through my blog.

Travel is a luxurious activity to some and only practised once a year or after much planning. This means that one has to have a budget for it to be a success. On the other hand, some take travelling as a hobby. They have worked out a plan on how to accomplish this with minimal effort.

For a travel blog, there are many affiliate programs that you can use though some are not easy to make money from. Below are some of the best paying travel affiliate programs. They can give you a good boost financially or even a full income. This can be achieved if placed in the right contest and to the right audience. is one of the most popular accommodations related travel websites worldwide. It is known to have thousands of properties listed from all over the world. It has listings from the remotest of towns and villages in the least popular places. As a result, thousands of people make bookings every hour to different locations on this website. Its popularity is based on the fact that most properties don’t ask for cash when booking in advance. However, one is expected to pay at the property on the day of travel. It also provides a window to cancel your booking before the period of travel elapse.

This platform partners with website publishers. Through their affiliate program, you get access to links and banners. affiliate program pays per sale made on each booking. It is paid at a commission of 25% for each completed booking. Payment is done through PayPal or bank transfer. In addition, they have a referral system paying a commission of 50 euros for referring properties to join the program.


Tripadvisor is a brand recognized worldwide for providing one of the best reviews for hotels and accommodations worldwide. The website partners with different travel-related agencies to offer the best travel information. It is also a platform where one can rate and share reviews on their experience with different hotels, vacation homes and even travel agencies. It provides badges for different top-rated destinations to help boost their popularity.

Best  Paying Travel Affiliate Programs

TripAdvisor affiliate program is offered under the CJ Affiliate. The CJ platform manages different affiliate programs from different niches. TripAdvisor offers a 40% commission for all traffic clicks to some of their partner’s websites. In addition, it also offers a 40% commission for all sales. Payment is made under CJ Affiliate through bank transfer, check or Payoneer.


TourRadar is a website that partners with travel agents all over the world to offer affordable tours to different destinations. They work with top-rated travel agencies to promote tour packages to different destinations. This includes a well-articulated itinerary and airport transfers.


As an affiliate partner, promoting their tour packages on your site earns a commission of 5% for each booking made. TourRadar also has promotions every month with tour packages to be won. As a result, a commission is paid for all entries to the promotion through their affiliate banner.

Best Paying Travel Affiliate Prorams

TourRadar affiliate is accessed through CJ Affiliate or CommisionFactory (for Asian partners), hence payment on CJ is through bank transfer or Payoneer.


Agoda is an online platform that provides opportunities for hotels and airlines to promote their services and offer the best rates in a competitive market. The websites offer great discounts for hotel bookings as well as flights to different destinations all over the world.

As an affiliate, you get to showcase these hotels on your website. An added advantage to Agoda is that it has image links for the various hotels. Hence, you can insert these clickable images on your site and encourage your audience to click on the image to make a booking. You earn a commission of between 4%-7%  because this commission increases with the number of bookings made. Payment of commission is made through a bank transfer. is an online platform that provides electronic tourist visas to various destinations. As a result, one gets to save time locating the countries embassies and need to feel in many forms. Secondly, it helps easy transition from one county to another.

As an affiliate partner, you get access to their affiliate links and banners. The links provide a list of places that needs tourist visas and how much the visa costs. They also have banners that indicate the requirements for applying for a visa. 

This program pays a commission of 20% per tourist visa bought. The payment is made through Paypal or a bank transfer.

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Other Best Paying Travel Affiliate Programs

There are so many other travel affiliate programs, though most of them are region-based and only serve a particular type of client. You may need to understand your audience and region before joining since you will only make a commission if people from that region use your link.

However, if you join affiliate networks like Cj affiliate, Awin, Share a Sale or Clickbank, you may find more affiliate programs that might be suitable for your niche or your articles.

Best paying travel affiliate programs

I joined Cj Affiliate and have other affiliate programs related to my niche like,,, Swiss international,, among others. Though I rarely use them for my site since I don’t have the appropriate audience to promote them. The commission might not be high but depending on your audience, one of the mentioned might favour you.

Best paying travel affiliate programs

Do not limit yourself to the number of affiliate programs you can join.  Instead, be more creative and write more articles around your chosen affiliate to pull an audience and eventually make a sale.

Dream deals on multi-stop flights with Skytours.

Do you know any other good-paying travel affiliate programs not listed above? Kindly share in the comment section to help others grow.

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16 Responses

  1. Leo says:

    I’m definitely one who enjoys traveling for the fun of it. I had initially considered setting up a blog to share my experiences with others but couldn’t follow through with it because to be honest, I had no idea how to go about the whole thing. The set up process just seemed really daunting. But that was one part of it. I also couldn’t figure out how to make money from it. This article has really been informative, and it has also reignited a long suppressed passion.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Feji ben says:

    Over the years affiliate programs have been one of the best type of online business and up till now they still continue to trend on the internet,I like this list you have given I have worked with Touradar before and I must tell you they are really legit and I am going to try thanks for sharing this info 

    • Anita says:

      Hey Feji,

      Yes, affiliate marketing has become a better way of making money online. I was also surprised at earning from TourRadar for referring people to enter their monthly competition and such a good amount.

  3. Daniel says:

    Traveling had been the must best idea of everyone, imagine upon a hard time working 24/7,One need to relax his body for good health. Because with out good health one is nothing. Therefore how would you plan your vacation. Your write up  on booking .com is the best. This company has cheaper flight ticket or reservation then any.

    • Anita says:

      Yes, Daniel.

      I agree with you on the travelling part. what I like about is the fact that you can book and pay at the premises not online and they also give you a window to cancel if your plans change.

  4. Shanta Rahman says:

    Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful article and I learned about you through a new approach to affiliate marketing.I’m an affiliate marketer but I’ve never been an affiliate on travel, so I learned a lot from reading your articles and you mentioned a few websites through all of them and gave them complete details.So I think if I choose Travel as a niche for affiliate marketing then a better medium would be for affiliate marketing. So I have decided that from now on I will be doing affiliate marketing on travel and I hope that many of you will be interested in this after reading the article and will share their experiences with you very soon.

    • Anita says:

      Hi Shanta,

      I wish you the best of luck as you start out on the travel affiliate niche. I hope you have much success and come back to tell a story and encourage others.

  5. Parveen says:

    Hey Anita, I enjoy reading your guide on best paying travel affiliate program. You have done great work by finding these useful and best paying affiliate programs. I recently started my niche website on travel. I am also searching for some useful affiliate sites to add them to my site. I am very thankful for your efforts. Anyone working in travelling sector can use these best paying affiliate program.

  6. Ashleigh Fay says:

    Ahhh! I can’t wait to get to travel again so I can use these tips thank you

  7. Wow, i never knew this was an actual thing! Gonna have to look into it.

  8. Ed says:

    Thanks for sharing this list Anita. Would you consider adding Go2Africa’s brand new affiliate program?

    We’re an award-winning Cape Town-based safari tour operator. We’ve been around for 19 years, but only just launched our affiliate program. Our commission rate for affiliates is 3%, making the average earning per booking around $600.

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